“Success cannot be achieved if it is considered just an end unto itself; it must be seen as the result of one’s actions.”

Gabbiano SpA

Gabbiano SpA - Mantova - ItalyFor over 50 years, Gabbiano, an Italian family business, has been operating with great success within the Italian market, thanks to sharp and smart foresight, always accompanied by an excellent strategy of investments in human resources, service technology and product innovation.

In the last 5 years, the Company’s horizon has expanded to other European countries. Priority attention has been focused on the development of the Spanish market. Since March 2014, following the acquisition of a local corporate reality of primary importance, we have been presiding over the Spanish market with success.

Gabbiano SpA – Mantova – Italy Continuous attention to consumers’ needs constitutes the premise and basis of our Company’s strategy and policy, inspired by the maximum possible transparency and quality.

The trust afforded to us by consumers who purchase our products every day is at the core of the Company’s objectives.

Quality of products, professional expertise and respect of commitments as constant objectives over time are Gabbiano’s strength.

Our daily activity is inspired by the fundamental values transmitted to us by our founder:

“A new project is born from intuition,
the desire to do better comes from passion,
respect of customers is born from ethics.
Success, in the end, comes from all this.”
Carlo Dodi