Focus on the Product

The Product

The market has undergone profound changes in the last 5 years.
Globalization and an unprecedented economic crisis require a rigorous overall transformation.
The product becomes one of the main focuses for investments.

Only with original products that respond to changing times and can, above all, identify the Company more and more, can we look to the next few decades with renewed optimism.

In particular, the increasingly stringent rules for the manufacture of products targeting children require an even more accurate selection across all process stages.

We are convinced that investments made in recent years on products will give more and more advantages over our competitors.

PDP – Product Development Process


The Product Development Process is the working system that Gabbiano has implemented and perfected in recent years.

To create a new product today it is necessary to have knowledge of the production process, the materials involved and the impact such materials have on the environment.

Consolidating and strengthening the industrial approach are key parts of the new PDP.

Process phases

  • Analysis of consumer expectations.
  • Creation and selection of product/line ideas.
  • Search for the best suitable production source.
  • Identification of investments necessary to make products: moulds, customized designs and packaging system.
  • Definition of market positioning.
  • Analysis of certifications to be performed for consumer safety.
  • Realization of first prototype.