Services have always been the feather on our cap.


Gabbiano offers an integrated portfolio of services that merge into a single operational cycle

Trade Marketing

Trade Marketing is the link between the Company’s marketing and commercial sectors.

It constantly studies the best solutions for shelf inventory readability, starting from the analysis of product categories on the market.

The goal is to optimize sales per square meter

Supply Chain

At Gabbiano, the Supply Chain is identified as the organization of the entire logistics chain, intended as a combination of personnel, activities, information and resources necessary to transfer the product to the final consumer.

The automated warehouse and a dedicated sales network of 200 people throughout the country, coupled with cutting-edge information systems, allows us to offer customers the services they request.

Field Service (or Sales Network)

The Field Service identifies the activities of our 200 sales associates throughout Italy. It is an expert and close-knit team of professionals able to provide customers with valuable assistance.

Careful and accurate activities are carried out through the regular “maintenance” of the Gabbiano concept displays and an assortment of distributors, with the intent of

  • guaranteeing the best exposure on the points of sale;
  • optimizing the efficiency of linear space, while also minimizing the risks of stock damage; and,
  • increasing sell-out results by contributing to the achievement of strategic objectives

Management InfoSystem (or Market Analysis)

Daily analysis of products sold allows the highly qualified and efficient sales team to update product and service offers in order to give the best response to market changes.
Over the years, we have adopted countless state-of-the art and evolving solutions.