Gabbiano announces the marketing agreement with the multinational Procter & Gamble for Kukident and AZ15 products.

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Borgo Virgilio, 19th December 2017

Gabbiano strengthens its position in the health and personal care sector by integrating its offer with the Kukident and AZ15 products, well-known brands of the Procter & Gamble galaxy.

Articolo dalla Gazzetta di Mantova di mercoledì 20 dicembre 2017

“Gabbiano signs with Procter & Gamble” La Gazzetta di Mantova, 20th December 2017.

Gabbiano S.p.A, business leader in the field of no-food items intended for mass market, has concluded an agreement with the multinational P&G to market selected Kukident and AZ15 products, which will be proposed by the company FarmaMed srl (100% controlled) to the mass market retail market from next year.

The turnover today expressed by these references in the MMR channel is strongly conditioned by the scarce effectiveness of the current distribution structure. The business, which is estimated to potentially develop up to around € 40 million, could therefore grow exponentially, if supported by and adequate distribution model.

Thanks to the new partnership, Gabbiano achieves several objectives:

  • Synergies between the FarmaMed, Kukident and AZ15 brands
  • Consolidation of market leadership
  • Strengthening in Italian MMR

Andrea Dodi, CEO of Gabbiano, states: “The first meetings, started in July, immediately showed a certain empathy, but also significant issues that required an extension of the negotiation phase. It was immediately very clear that we were talking about an important business, but it was not easy to find the right solutions to the problems emerged after a thorough market research. To discourage, for example, the phenomenon of theft, rather widespread for these products, it was decided to resort to adequate anti-shoplifting systems.

Internally this news was received with a mixture of excitement and concern. Gabbiano is, in fact, closing a particularly demanding year for the organization caused by the strong increase in sales volume due to the acquisition of the FarmaMed business, to which a further complication was added deriving from the recent information system update.

I would like to point out that P&G has come to Gabbiano following careful market research which has indicated our company as the best player operating in the Italian MMR, in terms of distribution, organizational efficiency and proven reliability.
This makes us proud of the work that we carry out daily with constant professionalism and dedication, with the knowledge that the sacrifices made are noticed and appreciated by the most authoritative subjects of our sector.