Gabbiano Volley Mantova: …we’re back!

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Borgo Virgilio, 22 June, 2018

To: Press and Volleyball Fans

We would like to share with you the news of a new adventure that will enlist Gabbiano and Top Team as protagonists.

For those of you who may be too young to remember or are new to our area, I would like to recall twelve splendid years of sport, participation and involvement concerning the Gabbiano Volleyball team, which many passionate fans still remember dearly to this day.

The road to the A1 League was wonderful and exciting. When both Mantuan teams were in the highest division, the derby matches between Gabbiano and Burro Virgilio were incredible.

This splendid adventure ended in 1992, when the company decided to shift its assets to revitalize business.

After a series of meetings with the Executive Management of the Top Team sports company, we realized that we could relive together the splendid dream that came true many years ago.

We want to replicate those moments, when the city mobilized  to support its players and encourage them to fight until the last set, then sharing in the  joys and tribulations of the results achieved.

Many of us were so proud to feel like a part of that team.

Now, GABBIANO will be a member of the Top Team world, not only as a core sponsor, but also as an active supporter of educational and training  activities involving  550 young people.

We will give our contribution to support with enthusiasm the values of  sport, game and entertainment for many children and young people in our local community.

Welcome, “Gabbiano Volley Mantova”.

We’re back!