A selection of beauty products designed for the little ones

Beauty Accessories

Design: all products are designed and customized by our creative team to be unique on the market. Hair accessories, custom jewellery, brushes and bags: a complete assortment and in compliance with the quality standards that meet the needs of mothers and girls.

Brands: Alongside the great classics such as Minnie Mouse and Princesses, we feature the popular and beloved Frozen, Hello Kitty, as well as Princess Sofia the First for the younger girls. Recent additions include Soy Luna with her contagious joy, Paw Patrol and Trolls with their cute characters!

Accessories and Watches

The Elison Kids line is completed by a vast collection of accessories to make the leisure time of little ones even more fun and magical. Everything is studied in detail and made with quality materials to offer unique products on the market. Characters for all ages and targets: from timeless Minnie Mouse to Princess Sofia the First, as well as the famous Frozen and Hello Kitty. From Trolls to Paw Patrol, without forgetting the brand new Soy Luna. And for boys, we offer Marvel Spiderman and Avengers heroes, the Star Wars saga, the Paw Patrol puppies and Blaze for our youngest customers. A world full of colour and new products to be discovered!

Bath Set

Fantastic accessories for personal care in the company of our little ones’ favourite characters.