Brand and packaging: the new image with a simple and clean style, which enhances the look and intrinsic qualities of products.

Materials used: all selected with particular attention, to increase perceived value and customer appeal.

Rich assortment: increase in product types and services offered is a decisive element to convey the notion of specialization to consumers.

Product originality: investment in models, shapes and exclusive colours to give character and distinctiveness to the collection has been one of the must-haves of the new ELISON.

Quality/price ratio: it is particularly important to keep this ratio at appealing levels in periods like the one we are living in. ELISON also stands out for this important attribute.

Display system: we created a concept display with strong emotional impact. We believe that presentation is fundamental to sales success. The real highlight of the collection.

Anti-shoplifting devices: GABBIANO is the first to provide this very important service in its sector. Each product features an electromagnetic “stripe”. Small and invisible, the best known electromagnetic tag is suitable for all products and offers sophisticated detection.

The ELISON hair care line

Hair accessories

Packed with soft-touch PP tags with semi-transparent insert to give greater prominence, depth and value to the product. The particular material selected enhances the collection of hair accessories guaranteeing distinctiveness with respect to our competitors, who opt for economical and less impactful and suitable materials.

Brushes and combs

A whole new line to revitalize a type of product that for many years featured the same inventory models and colours. They perfectly represent GABBIANO’s new strategy and configuration in this sector, in response to the desire to introduce significant changes with classic and modern proposals with original designs. We have updated the packaging system introducing the most suitable soft-touch PP hook to give perfect visibility to the product

Cosmetic bags

The collection is completed by wonderful new bags in different sizes and colours. Quality as a priority to succeed in capturing the most demanding and attentive consumers.

New product lines

To satisfy all consumer targets, we have created 5 product lines that even the most attentive and demanding customers appreciate:

  • BLACK, classic par excellence
  • BLACKMIX, classic that becomes fashion with a few more touches
  • TURTLE, the must of the collection
  • TREND, trend colour and energy
  • CHIC, sexy feminine style at maximum power

IMPORTANT: for our hair accessory collection, we propose alternating two/three models or assorted colours within the same item code.

The ELISON body care line

Taking care of your body means feeling good about yourself. Daily gestures that none of us should forego: an important moment of beauty and wellness to dedicate to our body, even if for a few moments every day.

The new ELISON Body Care line has renewed and configured 4 product lines dedicated to these moments:

Facial Care

The new line of products for facial cleansing, daily care and make-up; our face is the most delicate part of the body, which requires to be cared for and pampered.

Hand & Foot Care

Our hands are our calling card. It is important to take care of them and always keep them tidy, especially because they are more exposed to the action of external agents. Our feet too deserve equal attention, especially during and after summer, when they have been more exposed. Good pedicures and manicures are essential to maintain and have beautiful hands and healthy feet. With ELISON Body Care, everything will be magically possible!

Bath care

The time spent in the shower or in the bath tub is a magic moment. The new ELISON Body Care products have been carefully selected to give maximum benefit to those who use them.

Hair care

To be added to our bath line. It is especially dedicated to women’s hair care during and after shower and bath. To manage your desired hairstyle by yourself or to get a new colour and change look. We propose many solutions, for all tastes and needs.