• Gabbiano offers a wide range of glasses: from pre-mounted reading glasses, to sunglasses with maximum UV protection, without forgetting eyewear for kids, to whom we propose an entire collection that includes licensed popular cartoon characters.

    The assortment is inspired by fashion trends, without neglecting great classics, thus addressing a rich clientele of varied taste and age targets.

    Sunglasses, all made with uniform and quality lenses, in addition to being an indispensable fashion accessory, are first of all an important tool for protection from harmful UV rays. The collection, developed according to the latest trends, features several models with mirrored lenses, which allow the shielding of intense light. The CE marking, present on all products, is the indicator and guarantee of conformity of a product to EU legislation. Always look for it!

    The kids’ world, to whom we dedicate an entire collection of sunglasses, includes a unique assortment. There are many licensed brands in the Gabbiano models: from the beloved Marvel, Spiderman and Avengers heroes, to romantic Princesses, from the protagonists of Frozen to ironic Minnie. From the rumbling Cars to the characters of the Star Wars saga, and the most beloved dogs of the moment: the Paw Patrol! To these are added the trendy Jason & Scott Kids models, which wink at the trends of the young target audiences.

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