The eyes of little ones are delicate and sensitive. It is very important to always protect them from harmful UV rays with safe and high quality products. All eyewear of the Gabbiano collections are made in compliance with the ISO 12312-1 standard and EC directive 89/686/EEC: the two important statutory regulations on sunglasses for general use, which guarantee maximum product quality and safety.


Attention to customers is translated by Gabbiano in the constant research of new materials and new product display solutions. The packaging comes with the innovative button closure system, which firmly keeps glasses in their pack. The package also includes two anti-shoplifting devices: a radiofrequency and an electromagnetic one. The eyewear is also embellished by the coloured “detach and attach” labels, namely, stickers that can be easily detached from the lenses and reapplied on other surfaces.


The design of our glasses, made by a team of creative experts, is truly unique, just like the unique and fun characters they feature: from beloved Marvel, Spiderman and Avengers heroes, to romantic Princesses, the protagonists of Frozen and ironic Minnie. From the rumbling Cars to the characters of the Star Wars saga, and the most beloved dogs of the moment: the Paw Patrol! To these, are added the trendy Jason&Scott Kids models, which wink at the trends of the young target audiences.