Corporate knowledge and know-how honed over 20 years of Farmasan experience, have allowed us t

o add more than 20 new products to the Farmamed line.

To these, we added patented market innovations, which enrich the variety of products on offer.

The NEW FARMAMED LINE is divided into 2 important types of products:


MEDICATION line, which includes everything you need for first aid: adhesive plasters, bandages and gauze, spools, disinfectants, and accessories (including syringes, cotton and kits)


Misuratore pressione polso, Aerosol, Termometro FarmaMed

CARE and PREVENTION line, which contains a complete range of products to prevent and treat the most common disorders. Within this segment, we offer: hot and cold care products, thermometers, self-diagnosis tools, foot care products, accessories (including products for oral hygiene, lip balms, and accessories for nose and ears)


ELECTROMEDICAL line, which offers Compact, reliable and easy-to-use household products to monitor the health of the whole family.


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