For years Farmamed has been taking care of the whole family thanks to products to deal promptly with the minor ailments that affect all our lives on a daly basis. Farmamed today is the reference brand of the parapharmaceutical market with an important presence in all the assortments of the main Italian distribution chains, this is the result of the efforts made to identify new ideas, new technologies and new consumer needs.


The FARMAMED LINE is composed of the following product lines:



MEDICATION line, which includes everything you need for first aid: plasters, bandages and gauze, spools, disinfectants, and accessories, including syringes, cotton and kits. The assortment of plasters includes both the classic plasters and the innovative and patented ones with bacteriostatic protection: Farmamed has patented a substance that can make the plasters bacteriostatic without the use of biocides.


CARE and PREVENTION line, which contains a complete range of products to prevent and treat the most common disorders. Within this segment, we offer: hot and cold care products, thermometers, self-diagnosis tools, foot care products, accessories including products for oral hygiene, lip balms, and accessories for nose and ears.


PIDOCONTROL: a complete line of products against pediculosis in all its phases: prevention, treatment and maintenance.


Misuratore pressione polso, Aerosol, Termometro FarmaMed

ELECTROMEDICAL line, which offers Compact, reliable and easy-to-use household products to monitor the health of the whole family.  In the assortment we can find: wrist blood pressure monitor, portable or standing germicidal lamp, 2 non-contact infrared thermometers, pulseoxymeter, portable nebulizer, bodyscale and the neck electrostimulator or muscle TENS electrostimulator.

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