The new Dolce & Salato (Sweet & Savoury) collection has been designed for those who have a passion for cooking and to simplify recipe preparation, thanks to the practicality of single-use products that do not compromise elegance and imagination. The line consists of 3 macro areas, each distinguishing its own elements.

COOKING: the utensils that are part of this category are used to cook food. Made with different materials, from the simplest to the most professional, they help turn each recipe into a success.

PREPARING: these are all utensils used to prepare and decorate homemade desserts in a creative way.

PRESENTING: refers to everything that is used to present and carry food, in a practical and elegant way.

All Dolce & Salato products are made in Italy.

Professional ramekins

Made of decorated paperboard, they are ideal for mousses, spoon desserts, and sweets made with alcohol-based syrups. They are particularly resistant during cooking and do not need any support pan. Thanks to their particular material and structure, they prevent leakages, remaining perfectly intact for table presentation. They are all suitable for use in the traditional oven. Loaf-size and rectangular baking trays can also go in the microwave.


Made with special papers resistant to high temperatures and, therefore, suitable for cooking muffins, cupcakes, chocolates and baked desserts. They are also ideal for presentation to guests. Both cups made of non-stick food-grade paper and those made of paperboard are resistant up to 180°C, in traditional and microwave ovens. It is not necessary to grease or flour the baking dish to prevent desserts from sticking to the ramekins after cooking.

Baking moulds

Ideal for cooking sweets in any type of oven. Made of rigid pure high-density cellulose paper, resistant to moisture and temperatures up to 200°C. The edges feature 2 coupled corrugated paper layers that create an air chamber which facilitates the uniform cooking of food. It is not necessary to grease or flour the moulds to prevent desserts from sticking after cooking.

Piping bags

Used by the most experienced confectioners for convenience and practicality, the disposable, non-slip plastic piping bag is easy to use and always within reach. The package contains a roll of 10 20 cm piping bags and 5 practical spouts with which you can either fill or create many different and original decorations.

Cardboard Trays

Practical and versatile, they are ideal for presenting any type of sweet or savoury recipe in a refined way. The gold serving trays are made of polyethylene cardboard to ensure suitability for contact with all types of food. The curved edges guarantee strength and rigidity, as well as protecting contents even during transport. These pure cellulose trays are biodegradable, cardboard products made from carefully selected virgin raw materials. They are suitable for contact with all types of food. Water-repellent, resistant and breathable.

Plastic Trays

The lace trays are elegant cake holders made of very resistant material with low-trim edges. Rectangular and round shapes. Ideal for carrying and presenting cakes. Resistant and reusable. The crystal trays have a sophisticated design. The crossed lines recall the shape of stars and produce a crystal effect. The edges are rounded to hold desserts more safely. Light and resistant to multiple uses. The Presentation Tray has a raised anti-drop edge and is ideal for presenting desserts with creams, as well as pastries and finger food. Resistant and reusable, it does not yellow over time. The Gold Cake Under-Trays feature a non-slip bottom, do not moisten and do not absorb odours. They are perfect both for presenting and carrying any type of cake. They measure 2 diameters to meet the needs of consumers, since they are the most used for homemade cakes. Sturdy and reusable several times.

Decorative doilies

Round and rectangular, in special Kraft paper. They are most commonly used to decorate the table for special occasions and for the presentation of desserts of all kinds with maximum creativity.

Cake Box

In food-grade carton with white damask finish. It guarantees good thermal insulation to preserve food over time. Ideal for carrying decorated cakes. Easy to assemble and very easy to use, thanks to its handle and interlocking closure.