The new line of CucinoIo products conveys energy and communicates our Company’s strong determination to adapt to great market and consumer changes. The new proposals reflect today’s and tomorrow’s trends through a combination of aesthetics and functionality that are highly sought-after, original, practical and appealing.

The new configuration: The new line concept is expressed through its segments. They identify actions, moments and target consumers’ needs. To facilitate the visual impact of products and simplify the proposal interpretation, we have identified segments with familiar verbs and simple language. We have assigned a colour to each segment. The “technical” contents of the Perlacasa products have suggested to us similar colour settings among segments. In the kitchen, we can count on the warmth of the most beautiful colours to enhance the products of this line.


Prepare & Cook: utensils for cooking, hob, and handling hot containers

Cut & Slice: knives, scissors, dedicated tools

Present to the table: to protect work surfaces, as well as dose and serve

Drink & Preserve: accessories for the preparation of hot drinks, bottle openers, stoppers and pourers, can openers, food storage