Functionality, practicality, quality, design, safety and low cost are the basic ingredients of the new line. The goal is to project the Company towards new objectives in an area that we believe can be revitalized thanks, above all, to the creativity of new product ideas and display concepts.

The new configuration: The new line concept is expressed through its segments. They identify actions, moments and target consumers’ needs. To facilitate the visual impact of products and simplify the proposal interpretation, we have identified segments with familiar verbs and simple language. We have assigned a colour to each segment. The “technical” contents of the Perlacasa products have suggested to us similar colour settings among segments. Blue expresses the technique and ideal tone to best reflect the concept we intend to convey.


Replace & Optimize: sink spare parts and accessories

Protect & Clean: cleaning sets, linen products, felt pads, corner protectors, padlocks

Cut & Fix: scissors and cutters, stickers, pins

Organize & Keep: adhesive and suction hooks, hangers, rubber bands, paper clips