Eden is the complete line of accessories for the care and maintenance of shoes, from classic leather and suede to modern sneakers. It proposes a wide range of products specialized in the care of any type of shoe, an innovative proposal of ideal products for any type of shoe, even the most delicate, thanks to the use of high quality materials.



Eden Natural Comfort is the category of totally natural and eco-friendly products; hence the reference with a green floral ornament, accompanied by a curvy font traceable to the “green” style that characterizes the line.




Eden Style & Performance includes the most technical and professional products, not totally green. Precisely for this reason the logo is simpler and more elegant with a reference to the technical part to explain the performance of the product.



The assortment is divided into macro-families:


The quality of Eden products allows you to maintain and renew the leather of your shoes in a perfect and long-lasting way. Eden’s assortment has been designed to offer a wide choice and respond to multiple needs: the cream tube or the

polish jar, to provide shine and nourishment; the selfpolishing liquid, fast and easy to use; and the self-polishing sponge, for a last-minute touch up. All products are made with eco-sustainable materials such as aluminum, glass, paper and recycled plastic. Even the formulas of creams and liquids have been entirely studied to eliminate solvents and other harmful substances.


The Eden Comfort laces are of high quality, to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers. Eden offers a complete assortment of laces of different length, thickness, color and type, to adapt to any type of shoe, from elegant to sporty one. The easiest way to select a length is to simply count the number of eyelet hole pairs on your shoes or boots. For example, with  4 pairs of eyelets the laces should be 70 cm, while with 10 pairs of eyelets the laces should be 180 cm.


To extend the life of our shoes and preserve their beauty over time, it is important to use the right products and protect them from everything that could ruin them, especially water and humidity. All Eden’s shoe care products have a pack made of recycled plastic and their formulas are water-based and solvents-free. As they are no gas sprays, they are free of propellants and preservatives, therefore they are non-flammable. No gas spray: 100 ml corresponds to 200 ml of a spray can.

Brushes and accessories

The Eden Comfort brushes are created with resistant materials, though they can also be very delicate on shoe leather. The multi-purpose brush is perfect for cleaning suede, sneakers and sports shoes. The sock protector must be applied on the rear internal part of the shoe, and is perfect to protect socks and stockings. The travel kit was created for those who always want to have perfect shoes, even when they are away from home for a few days. The practical bag includes two brushes, a cloth and a travel-size shoehorn. The shoe trees are perfect for keeping the shape of shoes, from elegant shoes to soccer boots.


Eden has a wide range of insoles suitable for every type of shoe from everyday insoles to sports ones. Shoe insoles provide the cushion and structure of the footbed in a shoe. Because this is the part of the shoe that your foot rests on, the shape of the insole can influence the internal structures of your foot. Everyone can benefit from proper structure and support in their shoes because everyone has to maintain the health of their feet. All Eden insoles can be cut to size, and are therefore suitable for all sizes, from number 36 to 45.

Shoe liner

The Shoe liner not only responds to a concept of well-being but is transformed into a fashion accessory, proposed in different patterns. The gel accessories for foot protection are washable and reusable, invisible and discreet, perfect for maximum comfort even when wearing stiffer shoes or high heels.