A wide range of products specialized in the care and maintenance of any type of footwear. An innovative proposal of ideal products for any type of shoe, even the most delicate, thanks to the use of high quality materials.

The assortment is divided into macro-families:

Shoe polishes

The most classic way to take care of shoes, the polish is a renewing beeswax cream that nourishes leather, making it shiny and soft. The polish is available in two classic sizes in tube and glass jar, and in the most practical format with sponge applicator. Practical and fast, self-polishing sponges are perfect for cleaning and polishing shoes in a single stroke. The shoe polishing wipe is suitable for cleaning and polishing elegant leather or patent shoes in a fast and effective way. The polishing spray is suitable for cleaning, nourishing and polishing all leathers. The shoe stretcher spray helps soften leather, making shoes even more comfortable.


The Eden Comfort laces are of high quality, to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers. The length of the laces to be used varies depending on the number of buttonholes, their horizontal and vertical distance, the residual length of the lace you wish to have and the type of lacing, but approximately a 70 cm lace is suitable for shoes with 4 or 5 pairs of buttonholes. 130 and 150 cm laces are created for shoes featuring up to 7 pairs of buttonholes, for military boots and sports shoes, as well as for trekking or soccer footwear. Cowhide laces are the authentic strings for moccasins and elegant shoes, though they are also perfect for mountain shoes, thanks to their distinctive sturdiness.

Brushes and accessories

The Eden Comfort brushes are created with resistant materials, though they can also be very delicate on shoe leather. The multi-purpose brush is perfect for cleaning suede, sneakers and sports shoes. The sock protector must be applied on the rear internal part of the shoe, and is perfect to protect socks and stockings. The travel kit was created for those who always want to have perfect shoes, even when they are away from home for a few days. The practical bag includes two brushes, a cloth and a travel-size shoehorn. The shoe trees are perfect for keeping the shape of shoes, from elegant shoes to soccer boots.


Insoles are created to cushion the impact when walking, thanks to gel that protects the most sensitive areas: heel and forefoot. they are available in fashionable patterns, which make them a fashion accessory. Scented insoles are suitable for those with sweating problems because they keep the foot dry and fragrant. All Eden insoles can be cut to size, and are therefore suitable for all sizes, from number 36 to 45.

Foot guards

The Decorated Fashion Foot Guard not only responds to a concept of well-being but is transformed into a fashion accessory, proposed in different patterns. The gel accessories for foot protection are washable and reusable, invisible and discreet, perfect for maximum comfort even when wearing stiffer shoes or high heels.