Everyday Collection, the new collection with richer colours

Perlafesta Everyday is colours, passion and fun patterns. It is designed to stimulate and seduce those who are preparing to organize an event, whether dinner with friends, family lunch, picnic outdoors or simply to live every day the joy of an original table set with taste and style. All proposed concepts aim to create engaging and original flair characterized by style and simplicity, with imaginative combinations of colours and decorations of great impact.

MixUp, new coordinated sets in solid colours

The new solid colour coordinated sets are designed to blend in perfect harmony and create multiple and original combinations, for every occasion and for all tastes. To the MixUp solid colours, we combine Decoplas proposals to create even more original and sought-after combinations, all made with 100% recyclable materials.

Everyday classics, the confirmation of decorated coordinated sets.

The success of the decorated coordinated sets is enhanced with the combination of the MixUp solid colours for an increasingly personalized table. LIFESTYLE and RUBACUORI offer engaging and original flair, ROYAL and CALYPSO live in style and simplicity.

Rubacuori Fuchsia Collection

Great emotional impact for the monochromatic MixUp Fuchsia Azalea collection, diluted in a romantic and seductive effect by the addition of plates decorated in Decoplas, or totally personalized by decorated cardboard plates.

LifeStyle Green Collection

Apple green gives great freshness to every table. The MixUp solution enhances it. The combination with plates decorated in Decoplas reveals new patterns, giving the table unusual brilliance.

LifeStyle Turquoise Collection

Lifestyle inspired by the sky and the sea for the Turquoise MixUp. The pairing of plates decorated in Decoplas enhances depth, while the use of decorated cardboard plates brings to mind the colour of the sky and the green of meadows.

Calypso Coral Collection

The evocation of colourful Caribbean atmospheres marries the coral for MixUp Calypso. The pairing with plates decorated in Decoplas embellishes the table while the brightness of decorated cardboard plates evokes the lustre of those places.

Royal White Collection

Royal is classic par excellence. Bright “faux ceramic” white is easily combined with all solid colour MixUps for lively and unusual tables and, with Decoplas decorated plates, for more official settings. The decorations of cardboard plates are inspired by classic themes, which propose elegant tables.

Finger Food

The trendiest solution at your fingertips for all that satisfies the palate. A new lifestyle is making its way into kitchen: Finger Foods, appetizers proposed in infinite combinations of ingredients that can be enjoyed without getting your hands dirty and without using plates. In New York as in Italy, finger foods seem to be becoming a real must for refreshments and aperitifs, but also on Christmas and New Year’s tables: rice salads, prawn cocktails, cold pastas, egg-based creams or whip cream enriched with fresh fruit and chocolate chips, with the recommendation to serve everything in nice containers accompanied by mini teaspoons or forks.