The new PERLA FESTA (KIDS and UNBRANDED) products line is designed to entertain children and more, and to make each party unique and special. Many colourful and original products of quality certified to guarantee maximum safety. In line with its most current needs, Gabbiano introduces an interesting novelty for all its packaging, which will feature disposal instructions, in order to help consumers to correctly dispose of waste.


Consumers decide to choose more and more accessories for their parties, thanks to which they can give their table an extra touch of magic. Gabbiano has therefore decided to expand its range of party accessories, adding to it modern and captivating products:

  • new PARTY CANDLES, with new colours and designs;
  • innovative latex BALLOONS and birthday Mylar balloons;
  • STICKS & PICKS revisited in shapes and colours.

Thanks to the new packaging, designed to optimize space, it is possible to display many more products and, above all, give them better visibility.


Thanks to the new packaging, a practical box in transparent plastic, birthday candles have better visibility on the shelf and require a small space. The 2.5 cm thickness of each candle prevents wax from pouring on the cake for as long as the candle remains lit.


These balloons are made of very light polyester sheets that are layered on top of one another, thus giving the balloon a reflecting and shiny surface. Unlike latex balloons, they are not elastic and can only assume the shape determined at the time of their manufacture. These balloons are easily inflated by mouth thanks to the practical straw that has been inserted into the package. Once inflated, each balloon measures 35 cm.

Useful material

Below is a demonstration of how to build a happy birthday totem: